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Love Fest Prompt Submission Post!

Prompt Submissions are now closed! Please keep an eye out for the compiled prompts and claiming post soon!

The Iconic Cousins Love Fest challenge will run from February the 16th through to March the 23rd. The fest will start with a week long collection of prompts, following by a month of writing, vidding, mixing, and making art.

Unlike the Love Week, which is focused on the relationship between the cousins, the Love Fest will encompass prompts and entries for either Chloe Sullivan or Lois Lane in her Smallville incarnation (and can include prompts for their platonic or romantic relationships with other characters), as well as prompts and entries which focus on the relationship between or otherwise include both characters.


February 16th: As of right now, prompt submission is opened. You have a week to submit your Chloe, Lois, or Chlo-Lo prompts for the fest.

February 22nd, 11:55pm PST: Prompt submission will close so the prompts can be compiled.

February 23rd: Some time today the compiled prompts will be posted, and claiming will start.

March 23rd, 11:55pm PST: Claiming and submission posting will both continue right up until this deadline (although people claiming prompts right down to the deadline won't be given extra time to create and post their work, the 11:55pm deadline will still stand).


To avoid your mods weeping at their keyboards, please format your prompts in the following pattern:

Cousin character/s, Other pairings or characters if applicable, Prompt details. (Crossover details if applicable.)

Example prompts:

Chloe, Chloe/Clark and Lana/Oliver, knowing all the secrets make relationships easier.
Chloe, Chloe/Dean Winchester, hunting is better than reporting. (Supernatural crossover.)

Lois, childhood dreams and Pulitzer prizes.
Lois, Clark/Lois, Lois realises why Clark does need her.

Chlo-Lo, 'You're My Best Friend' by Queen.
Chlo-Lo, Clark/Lois, Chloe and Lois bond and joke about the similarities in their crushes on Clark.


If you haven't already, please remember to read the rules post. Some of the smaller details (for instance, the restrictions on other pairings and posts/works focused on only one of the girls will be lifted at the end of the Love Week) will change a week from now, but the general spirit behind the rules will remain.

In particular when submitting prompts, please be mindful that prompts must be positive and respectful towards all characters included in it (not just Chloe and Lois.) Unacceptable prompts that fit the format, but not quite the spirit of the fest, might include:

Chloe, Clark/Lex, Chloe hates how Lex has tricked Clark into trusting him - the focus of the prompt is on perceived negative traits in Lex, and Chloe resenting both Lex for being a not-so-nice guy, and on Clark for being trickable.

Chlo-Lo, Clark/Oliver, Chloe and Lois find out that their boyfriends are cheating on them, together! - again, the focus of the prompt is on negative aspects or actions by Clark and Oliver.

Chloe, Clark/Lois, Chloe is bitter at how Clark and Lois got together behind her back - the focus is not on celebrating either Chloe, Lois, or their strong relationship, but on Chloe feeling badly, and Clark and Lois being underhand about their relationship and not respecting their own relationships with Chloe or her feelings.

Of course this doesn't mean prompts have to be entirely filtered of less than positive events! If you'd like to see how the above prompts can be rewritten with an acceptable focus or tone, or how prompts can focus on bad behaviour of negative character traits while still being respectful of the characters, please see this thread.

Focus your prompts on how Chloe or Lois is moving on and becoming stronger for having survived a relationship where they were cheated on, rather than dwelling on what a ratbag the other character/s are for cheating on them in the first place. If a character is behaving in an abhorent way, allow them some chance of redemption and room to struggle with their bad behaviour. Remember that your prompts, and the fanworks made for that prompt, should be focused on Chloe and/or Lois and their relationships with other people, not just using them as a convenient set of eyes to examine other characters and pairings (using other people as convenient eyes to examine Chloe or Lois or their relationship is perfectly acceptable though!)

If you're not sure about whether your prompt should fall in the Chloe, Lois, or Chlo-Lo sections, consider whether the focus of the prompt is on one character in particular, or on both of them equally. A prompt which could or does include both Chloe and Lois but is primarily focused on only one of the girls probably belongs in the appropriate section other than Chlo-Lo. A prompt designated as Chlo-Lo should be intended as a launch into examining the relationship between Chloe and Lois, even if the prompt details the launch event and not the aftermath for their relationship. If you're really stuck and unsure, make a note about the prompt in question at the end of your comment and a mod will swing by to talk to you about it.

Prompts will be claimable for fanfic, vidding, artwork, and fanmixing, so don't feel pressured to word your prompt details for fic only. Prompts tailored towards other mediums (such as links to song lyrics or music videos, brushes or textures, screencaps, clips on youtube, or other similar resources) are more than welcome!

Please leave your prompts in the comments to this post, and only this post, over the next week, and remember that prompt submission closes at midnight PST on the 22nd!
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