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Chloe&Lois Love Fest - Prompts and Claims!

This is the prompt masterlist for the Chloe&Lois Iconic Cousins Love Fest! Prompts are listed under three categories: Chloe, Lois, and Chlo-Lo, and you can start claiming immediately! If you have any questions, please jump over to the general Fest information post to leave a comment. Only claim comments should go in this post.

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ETA: As of today, March 9th, participants can double-claim for the fest. This means you can have up to two active claims at once. Once you've completed a prompt and posted to the community, you can claim another prompt to take you back up to two claims, should you so wish. You can claim as many prompts as you can complete between now and the deadline in this manner.

Please note that even in the last two weeks you can't have two claims going for the same prompt if you aren't sure whether to write fic or create a different kind of fanwork. You may, however, claim a prompt once and then come back and reclaim it for a different medium (if it's still available) once you've completed the first work.


Chloe, behind the scenes of the Justice League. Claimed for art by angellemcdowell
Chloe, 'Catch The Sun' by Jamie Cullum.
Chloe, first article.
Chloe, the good old days.
Chloe, lay down your burdens.
Chloe, Lois staying at the Kent farm.
Chloe, the world unseen.

Chloe, Clark, I remember everything. Completed for art by autumnrae89
Chloe, Clark-Lex or Clark/Lex, early seasons - Chloe wishes so many of Clark's friends hadn't lied or let him down, and hopes they can get past it.
Chloe, General Lane, gifts.
Chloe, Lois and Clark, 'Dateline — Gotham City. "Wayne Scoops Luthor and Queen: In surprise maneuver, Prince of Gotham acquires Metropolis' Paper of Record!'
Chloe, Lana, chance meeting, five years later.
Chloe, Martha, Martha visits Clark and has a heart to heart with Chloe about doing something radically different with your life than you ever planned to.
Chloe, Oliver (or any other member of the JL), pep talk.
Chloe, Lois/Clark, Chloe tells Lois she's okay with Lois' feelings for Clark.
Chloe, Lois/Clark, recent episodes - Chloe struggles with wanting Clark to be happy when he doesn't know what he wants, and wanting Lois to be happy with Clark when she does know what she wants.
Chloe, Clark/Lex, Chloe tries to help Clark move past regretting the loss of Lex's friendship.

Chloe, Chloe/Alicia, Alicia gives Chloe a reason to trust meteor mutants without involving Clark.
Chloe, Chloe/Bruce, everybody has a story. (Batman crossover)
Chloe, Chloe/Clark, feels like home. Completed for fic by simplytoopretty
Chloe, Chloe/Clark, sometimes I wonder.
Chloe, Chloe/Clark, 'Shine' by Anna Nalick.
Chloe, Chloe/Clark and/or Lana/Oliver, knowing all the secrets make relationships easier.
Chloe, Chloe/Davis, redemption through love.
Chloe, Chloe/Davis, this feeling inside.
Chloe, Chloe/Davis, undeniable feelings.
Chloe, Chloe/Dean Winchester, hunting is better than reporting. (Supernatural crossover.)
Chloe, Chloe/Jimmy, getting married.
Chloe, Chloe/Jimmy, honeymoon bliss.
Chloe, Chloe/Jimmy, honeymoon.
Chloe, Chloe/Jimmy, first times.
Chloe, Chloe/Jo, fighting expectations. (Supernatural crossover)
Chloe, Chloe/Kara, Kara enlists Chloe's help to find Kandor.
Chloe, Chloe/Lana, Superman doesn't need a sidekick anymore but Chloe still makes a great one.
Chloe, Chloe/Oliver, almond mocha with extra whip cream. Completed for fic by maiel_alcinoe

Chloe, Chloe/Alicia and Alicia/Clark, AU where Alicia survived - Chloe and Alicia struggle to find the line between protecting Clark and doing unacceptable things for him (ala. Brainiac killing in Chloe's body.)
Chloe, Chloe/Lana and Lois/Clark, Clark has Lois now so Chloe goes to help and support Lana post-kryptonite!infection.
Chloe, Chloe/Clark and/or Lana/Oliver, knowing all the secrets make relationships easier.
Chloe, Chloe/Lex/Clark, so much of what Lex does is unforgivable, but now she hopes they can give him reason to try harder to be good.
Chloe, Chloe/Lana/Clark, early seasons - Chloe and Lana stop competing for Clark. Completed for art by shopfront
Chloe, Chloe/Lois/Lana, bachelorette party.
Chloe, Chloe/Clark/Oliver, "She's my sidekick!" Claimed for fic by calie15


Lois, Ace of Clubs on a Friday night.
Lois, childhood dreams and Pulitzer prizes.
Lois, deadlines.
Lois, hunting down the red/blue blur.
Lois, Lois is just as strong as all these superheroes.
Lois, memories of the past.
Lois, 'Suddenly I See' by KT Tunstall.
Lois, wish upon a star. Claimed for art by januaried

Lois, Clark, there's just always been something about Lois (platonic/early show based Clark-Lois).
Lois, Chloe and Clark, 'Dateline - Gotham City. "Wayne Scoops Luthor and Queen: In surprise maneuver, Prince of Gotham acquires Metropolis' Paper of Record!"'
Lois, Jonathon, she's surprisingly more than a muffin peddler. Claimed for fic by huzzlewhat
Lois, Martha, keeping confidences.
Lois, Martha, over the years. Completed for fic by beef_wonder3
Lois, Oliver or Clark/Oliver, Lois struggles to support Oliver when his conscience gets too difficult about having killed Lex.
Lois, Perry, Meeting Perry White.
Lois, Chloe/Jimmy, bridesmaid.

Lois, Lois/Alicia and/or Lois/Lana, Lois wants to understand what people have told her about Alicia trying to kill Lana.
Lois, Lois/Bruce Wayne, new beginnings. (Batman Crossover) Claimed for fic by ferdalump
Lois, Lois/Clark, 007.
Lois, Lois/Clark, comfortable silences.
Lois, Lois/Clark, confessions of true feelings.
Lois, Lois/Clark, the future is golden. Claimed for art by januaried
Lois, Lois/Clark/Red Blue Blur, getting her story.
Lois, Lois/Clark, hanging out.
Lois, Lois/Clark, I know things now.
Lois, Lois/Clark, Lois realises why Clark does need her.
Lois, Lois/Clark, Superman.
Lois, Lois/Clark, Wild cherry. Completed for fanmix by shopfront
Lois, Lois/Kara, borrowing clothes. Claimed for fic by autumnrae89
Lois, Lois/Lana, S4!Lois really does think Lana is too good for Clark.
Lois, Lois/Lex, daily planet.
Lois, Lois/Lex, luthorcorp.
Lois, Lois/Lex, secret chemistry.
Lois, Lois/Oliver, dinner party.
Lois, Lois/Oliver, don't let love pass you by.
Lois, Lois/Oliver, masquerade.
Lois, Lois/Oliver, rekindle fires.
Lois, Lois/Tess, Tess gives Lois access to Luthorcorp instead of Oliver to hurt Lex, because she knows Lois is resourceful and highly ethical.
Lois, Lois/Wonder Woman, girl power. (DCU crossover)

Lois, Lois/Clark and Clark/Lana, 'Where I Stood' by Missy Higgins.
Lois, Lois/Clark and Chloe/Clark, Lois worries about how much her new relationship with Clark is hurting Chloe.
Lois, Lois/Oliver/Clark, somehow everyone ends up happy.
*Lois, Lois/Clark/Red Blue Blur, getting her story.

*The mods are fairly sure the prompter intended this as a straight Lois/Clark pairing prompt, but in the true fine tradition of cracked out Smallville fic the mods would also like to extend this to anyone creative enough to find a way to split Clark into two people, or have another character play the Red Blue Blur, or have Clark play up both persona's as separate people, or other kinds of interpretations.


Chlo-Lo, always be there. Claimed for art by sparkled_pink
Chlo-Lo, childhood fun. Completed for art by angellemcdowell
Chlo-Lo, Chloe and Lois still make a great investigative team even when they aren't both reporters anymore.
Chlo-Lo, Chloe really wants to support Lois changing careers, but Lois has always been so brilliant that Chloe's afraid she'll end up reporting in Lois' shadow.
Chlo-Lo, The Daily Planet. Claimed for art by orphan_kitten
Chlo-Lo, dealing with loss.
Chlo-Lo, doubt.
Chlo-Lo, getting Chloe ready for her wedding. (and talking about getting Lois ready for hers one day)
Chlo-Lo, a girls night. Claimed for fic by xtremeroswellia
Chlo-Lo, guardian angel.
Chlo-Lo, family stability.
Chlo-Lo, inheriting The Talon apartment.
Chlo-Lo, investigating together: 'This investigative report has been brought to you by the Daily Planet and the New York Times(/Gotham Gazette/any other Planet-equal paper you'd like to use.)'
Chlo-Lo, "It's like Lucy was my daughter, and you were my sister."
Chlo-Lo, jealousy.
Chlo-Lo, Lucy.
Chlo-Lo, mothers.
Chlo-Lo, movie night.
Chlo-Lo, the other women in Clark's life.
Chlo-Lo, promises.
Chlo-Lo, "Remember that one time when we..."
Chlo-Lo, roadtrips are conductive to discoveries.
Chlo-Lo, Smallville High and The Torch.
Chlo-Lo, supergirls.
Chlo-Lo, 'Where You Lead, I Will Follow' by Carole King.
Chlo-Lo, "Why am I doing this again?"
Chlo-Lo, 'World Exclusive: The first interview with Superman'
Chlo-Lo, 'You're My Best Friend' by Queen.

Chlo-Lo, Patricia Swann, Patricia reminds Chloe that her family bonds will help her when supporting Clark gets difficult.
Chlo-Lo, Clark, if you didn't know they were related, their smiles would give them away.
Chlo-Lo, Clark, with all of his family gone or scattered, Clark loves seeing the bond between Chloe and Lois. Claimed for fic by shopfront
Chlo-Lo, Perry White, The New Editor.
Chlo-Lo, Clark/Oliver, Chloe and Lois find humour in how their boyfriends ended up finding love with each other.

Chlo-Lo, Chloe/Dean Winchester, the right one. (Supernatural Crossover)
Chlo-Lo, Chloe/Jimmy, Chloe and Lois try to get past how Lois never really liked Jimmy, after Chloe/Jimmy ends, because it makes it tricky for Lois to support Chloe during the breakup.
Chlo-Lo, Chloe/Oliver and Lois/Clark, Chloe and Lois bond over not knowing whether their feelings are returned by the other cousins ex.
Chlo-Lo, Lois/Clark, Chloe and Lois bond and joke about the similarities in their crushes on Clark.
Chlo-Lo, Lois/Clark, Lois tries to mitigate the hurt from her relationship with Clark, and Chloe struggles to be happy for her.

Remember, your claim comment needs the prompt, copy and pasted in full and whether you'll be creating fic or art/vid/fanmix to secure the prompt in your name. When prompts are claimed, the claim details will be edited in next to the prompt. For example:

Chlo-Lo, "Why am I doing this again?" Claimed for art by shopfront

We might sometimes be a little behind on updating the masterlist, so you might like to check the most recent comments left on the post to check your desired prompt is unclaimed.

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