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Fic: When the Sky is Falling

Title: When the Sky is Falling
Rating: PG
Characters: Lois, Jonathan
Summary: Maybe Clark, wherever he was, couldn’t come. Maybe he wouldn’t ever come. And if Clark couldn’t come, who was left?
Prompt: Lois, Jonathan, she’s surprisingly more than a muffin peddler.
Warning/Notes: None, really. Spoilers for “Arrival.” I hope this story pleases the prompt-writer… I had been planning on setting my fic later in the SV timeline, but when nwhepcat and I were rewatching S4 and S5 eps as background, I realized that we got the onscreen moment where Jonathan’s attitude toward Lois changed, and I had to run with it. But the muffins do make an appearance.

"Our Lois was quite a hero out there."

Fic: Follow Your Heart

Title: Follow Your Heart
Author: beef_wonder3
Rating: Pg-13 for naughty word
Main Characters: Lois Lane & Martha Kent
Pairing: Heavy Clois but minor interaction
Supporting Characters: Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan, Jonathan Kent, General Sam Lane, Kara Kent, Shelby, Superboy/Conner Kent, Wonder Woman/Diana & OFC
For: iconic_cousinsLove Fest
Prompt: Lois, Martha, Over the years
Spoilers/Continuity: S4, S6, Post-S8 Speculation & Future-ish
Word Count: 3354
Warnings: Self-beta'd by a very tired Author. Any glaring mistakes, feel free to point them out.

Summery: The best piece of advice Martha gave Lois.

Link to Story...
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Love Fest Reminder!

Hey everyone,

It’s great to see so much enthusiasm for the Chlo-Lo Love Fest! Just so you know, there is about 5 days left until it closes. The fest ends on Monday, March 23rd, at 11:55 PM, Pacific Standard Time. So if you’ve claimed a prompt and haven’t posted yet, kept the deadline in mind!

For those of you who still want to participate, there are plenty of prompts left and you’re allowed to have two active claims at one time. If you complete one of them, you may come back and claim a third. All fanworks are welcome!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact either of the mods!

Chloe&Lois Love Fest - Prompts and Claims!

This is the prompt masterlist for the Chloe&Lois Iconic Cousins Love Fest! Prompts are listed under three categories: Chloe, Lois, and Chlo-Lo, and you can start claiming immediately! If you have any questions, please jump over to the general Fest information post to leave a comment. Only claim comments should go in this post.

Jump to: Claiming Instructions | Posting your finished fanwork | Chloe-centric Prompts | Lois-centric Prompts | Chlo-Lo Prompts.

ETA: As of today, March 9th, participants can double-claim for the fest. This means you can have up to two active claims at once. Once you've completed a prompt and posted to the community, you can claim another prompt to take you back up to two claims, should you so wish. You can claim as many prompts as you can complete between now and the deadline in this manner.

Please note that even in the last two weeks you can't have two claims going for the same prompt if you aren't sure whether to write fic or create a different kind of fanwork. You may, however, claim a prompt once and then come back and reclaim it for a different medium (if it's still available) once you've completed the first work.

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Chlo-Lo Love Week Entries!

As you all know, Chlo-Lo Week is over! Thank you for everyone to participated and made it such a success! All your contributions were very much appreciated and we hoped that you enjoyed the week as much as we did!

Here’s a complied list of everything that was submitted this week, in case you missed anything.

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Thanks again to everyone who took part! I hope to see you all in the Love Fest!