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Fic: Family Remains [1/1]

Title: Family remains. [1/1]
Author: Rae
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Chloe, Lois, Davis and Clark; Past Chloe/Clark, Chloe/Jimmy, Chloe/Davis and Clark/Lois.
Warnings/Spoilers: Set around 8x19 and written with those spoilers in mind but no direct mention of them.
Disclaimer: DC Comics/The CW own and reserve all rights to these characters and I claim no rights to them.
Summary: Chloe and Lois have always been there for each other, through thick and thin, from Clark Kent to Jimmy Olsen and even now there are no exceptions.
A/N: Quite a shippery piece but it’s really just about Chloe and Lois hanging out and being the loving cousins the show seemingly lost after season 5 sadly. To Chlo-Lo!
Word count: 2,061.

Seven years ago

“Lois, Lois? Lois! Are you even listening to me?” Chloe demanded as Lois rolled her eyes and continued to attack the little spaceships that flew across the screen.

“Farmboy, cute, possibly boyfriend material, got it,” Lois nodded as she scrunched up her nose when the enemy ship managed to land a hit.

At 15 and 16 respectively, Chloe and Lois sat in Lois’ living room at Port Dunhurst. It had been a few years since the girls had been able to get together due Lois’ constantly travelling father and his ‘secret’ locations.

“I need your advice,” Chloe sighed.

Lois blinked and paused her game, “Advice?”

“Yeah, I’m stuck in the friend zone…” Both girls winced. The friend zone was like the black abyss of dating. Lois herself had never been there but it sounded horrifying.

“Are you sure you even want to date this guy? If he only wants to be friends with you I don’t know if he’s good enough for you,” Lois frowned.

Chloe headed out towards the kitchen with Lois close behind, “You know when you’re around a person for so long it’s like they don’t even really see you any more? I just need Clark to see me.”

“Are you sure he isn’t you know…blind?” Lois couldn’t hold in a giggle, Chloe only glared at her. “Right, sorry.”

“Come on Lois, I’ve seen you with loads of guys…”

“Okay, 2 isn’t loads and I didn’t change myself to be with them,” Lois threw back.

Chloe grimaced as Lois huffed, “I didn’t mean that Lo, it’s just… you’re a guy magnet.”

“What makes you think anything I could teach you would attract some back ways farmer John?” Lois longed to pick up the controller for her video game and kill some more aliens but Chloe face made her bite her lip and go along with this crazy plan. “Fine, but if this doesn’t work, I can‘t and won‘t be held responsible.”


Lois covered her mouth to stop herself from snorting into her mocha, luckily Chloe understood her coffee addiction and let them stop before beginning their ‘shopping’ expedition.

Chloe stood in a big flowery dress that seemed to swamp her. It was pretty, pink, completely feminine and completely not Chloe.

“Oh my god you look like someone’s couch,” Lois breathed.

“Lois!” Chloe complained before changing into another girly dress, “That’s not helping.”

In form of solidarity for her cousin, Lois pulled out another frothy, girly concoction and slipped into it. Always having shunned dresses Lois stood more like a guy in a dress than the woman she was.

“Hey, Chlo, whadda thank?” Lois said modelling the garment in a comedic fashion. Chloe laughed so hard she pulled the dressing curtain down when she used it for support.

Chloe smiled, Lois winked and pulled her cousin in for a hug, “No pink cuz, you look like someone vomited it on you.”


Lois flicked a vegetable off her slice of pizza, eyeing the other offending vegetables as if they were enemies of the state.

“Lois, just eat them, I doubt it’ll squirt juice at you two times in a row,” Chloe rolled her eyes as Lois ignored her.

“Hey Chlo, what’s the real reason for the coup d’etat?” Lois asked as she put her feet up on the arm of the chair.

Chloe frowned, “What do you mean?”

Lois shrugged, “Changing for some guy when it’s on your list of top ten things never to do.”

“I guess I’m tired of being on the sidelines,” Chloe focused her attention on her slice.

“You get this is me you’re talking to cuz and I’m not taking this BS for a second,” Lois said proudly.

“Lana.” Chloe gritted out.

“Bless you?” Lois raised her eyebrows.

“Lana Lang, the girl Clark loved before he even knew what girls were,” Chloe sighed.

Lois shrugged again, “They’re not together?”


“Then everything else is fair game,” Lois smiled. “And do I have a plan for you.”

Present day

“Oh don’t you just wish for the good old days of ‘the friend zone’,” Lois laughed as Chloe smiled.

“Yeah, the incapacitating knowledge that you were never going to get the guy?” Standing in the kitchen of the Talon apartment, Chloe spooned out another scoop of ice cream while Lois uncapped two beers.

Lois took a sip of hers, “Chloe, you could have any guy you wanted back then, you just chose the only one with questionable taste.”

Chloe tilted her head and giggled, “Well it’s definitely improving.”

“Doubt it, but now you’re married and never happier,” Lois lifted her beer as if in toast. Chloe smile faltered and Lois caught it, “Chlo?”

Chloe shook her head, “Mmm? Sorry we’re melting here.” Then she handed Lois a bowl as she put the tub back into the freezer.

“You’re not fobbing me off that easy cuz, what’s going on?” Lois reprimanded.

Biting her lip, Chloe toyed with the idea of not telling Lois but it was a hard secret to keep, “Davis.”

“The paramedic guy? The one who kissed you before the wedding?” Lois surmised.

“Right, only now the feelings I have just feel twice as wrong,” Chloe looked away from Lois, trying to avoid the disappointment that must have been there.

Lois grabbed Chloe’s hand, “Hey…it’s okay. As long as there’s been no…foul play there’s nothing to feel guilty about right?”

“Lois, you’re right, I’m married I can’t…”

“Shut you feelings off like a light switch. Chloe, I’m not saying that your feelings are right, but punishing yourself for them isn’t helping,” Lois used their joint hands to pull Chloe towards the sofa.

Chloe sighed, it was like a weight had been lifted just by having someone else know what she was going through, “Thanks, Lois.”

“Oh don’t thank me yet, you have to tell Jimmy,” Lois felt horrible saying it but she knew it was what Chloe had to do.

“Lois, I can deal with this myself I don’t want to involve Jimmy, not with his recovery being so sensitive,” Chloe pressed her hand to her forehead.

“Yeah and when Davis starts knocking on the door and Jimmy has no idea why, what will you say?” Lois raised her eyebrows.


“Chloe, you can’t say it won’t happen. If this guy is intent on fighting for you, Jimmy and the sanctity of marriage aren’t going to be big problems,” Lois folded her arms.

“And you have such little faith in me…?” Chloe almost glared but faltered at Lois’ worried look.

“It’s hard to say no when someone is paying you that kind of attention. Promising you the world, it’s very seductive. I just don’t want you getting hurt by either men,” Lois got up and went back over the to fridge, feigning like she was looking inside.

“The kind of attention you’re lacking from a certain someone,” Chloe pointed out, “I’m not the only guilty party here Lois.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Lois said as she closed the fridge before returning to the couch.

“Lo, I was at my wedding, you know,” Chloe smiled.

“Yeah, it being your wedding and all…” Lois narrowed her eyes.

“I saw you and Clark,” Chloe pushed.

“Which means you also saw Lana, the love of --”

Chloe gripped Lois’ arm, Lois stared at Chloe’s hand. “Lana is Clark’s past.”

Lois laughed, “And what? I’m his future, no. The slight, however insane, attraction I felt to Clark has long since passed. I’m enjoying our working friendship.”

“Lois, you used to practically light up like a Christmas tree when Clark walked into the room…”

“Used to, past tense.” Lois brushed back her dark hair before she continued, “Clark and I? A blip in history and blot on the page of life… or something. Stop deflecting, you’re the one who’s about to have an emotional affair on her husband.”

The two cousins looked at each other and laughed. “I felt bad for Davis, I wanted to help him and yes, I was attracted to him but I love Jimmy.” Chloe confessed, “It’s just sometimes you just can’t fight the connection.”

Lois finally understood, “You’re worried that whatever this is with Davis is going to make you do something you regret.”

“Maybe you’re afraid what your connection with Clark will make you do,” Chloe raised her eyebrows.

Lois huffed, “Guess you weren’t listening the first five hundred times I told you that Clark and I aren’t ever going to be Clark and I.”

“The lady doth protest too much,” Chloe mused before tapping Lois with her ice cream covered spoon. Lois looked at Chloe, shock covering her features before she dropped a dollop of ice cream on Chloe’s blouse.

“Uh!” Chloe grunted before getting Lois on the thigh with another spoonful of ice cream.

“Hey, I love these pants!” Lois gave Chloe a mock angry face.

“Admit it Lane, you’ve got the hots for Clark,” Chloe threatened Lois with the whole bowl.

“Smallville? Never!” Lois yelled before she took the chance on running to the bedroom for cover.


Lois looked around the hospital and wrinkled her nose at that disinfectant smell it had. Walking up to the front desk, she didn’t even wait for a hello, “I’m looking for Davis Bloome.”

The nurse looked at her with contempt, “I’m sorry miss but I can’t just…”

“No, you can’t but if you don’t I think it would reflect badly on you in the article I’m writing for the Daily Planet,” Lois loathed to use her connection at the Planet for anything other than work but she had a job to do.

“He’s down in the loading bay,” The nurse replied weakly.

“Thanks…Dory.” Lois read the nurse’s name tag.

Lois arrived in the bay not 5 minutes later, it was clear Davis was surprised to see her. “Lois right? Chloe’s cousin.”

“Yeah, Chloe’s cousin.” Lois nodded.

“Is everything alright? Is Chloe…?” Concern flashed on Davis’ face.

“Chloe’s…still married,” Lois folded her arms and Davis’ body tensed. “Yeah, I know all about you Davis Bloome so stay the hell away from my cousin.”

“With all due respect, this is really none of your business,” Davis replied with that sickening pleasantness that Lois hated.

“You told Chloe that she was marrying the wrong guy,” Lois pointed out, “But if you don’t leave her alone and do anything that remotely affects her marriage, proves you were never the right guy for her.”

Davis’ jaw twitched as Lois turned on her heel to back towards the interior of the hospital.


Chloe rubbed her eyes as she continued to click on the various crime scene photos Clark had left her with. He said he had seen something in them but Chloe hadn’t had enough time to ask him what.

A whoosh that brought the hair off the back of her neck made Chloe turn herself on her chair. Clark stood in front of her, looking expectant.

“Sorry Clark but not all of us have eyesight as good as yours.” Chloe rolled her shoulders hoping to shake out a few kinks.

Pursing his lips, Clark picked up one of the photos, “Chloe, if we can’t find a lead on this…”

“Okay, I get it. Fighting crime is important,” Chloe bit her lip. “But you need to get over it.”

Clark blinked, “What?”

Chloe stood up emboldened, “You need to get over your post Lana drama and get off your ass and fight.”

“What do you think I’ve been doing?”

“Not this!” Chloe took the photo and threw it on the floor.

Clark looked at her, shocked, “Chloe, are you feeling alright?”

“You need to fight for Lois before it’s too late,” Chloe folded her arms.

“This is about Lois?”

Chloe could almost scream at him he was being so ridiculous. “I know that you have feelings for her Clark, but I’m telling you if you don’t do something about it you’re going to miss your shot.”

Clark shook his head, “Chloe…”

“No, no Chloe, just go. Do.” Chloe smiled.


Chloe flopped down next to Lois on Lois’ bed. Lois sleepily opened her eyes, “Hey, you’re late.”

“Yeah, work stuff,” Chloe sighed.

Lois patted the bed and she mumbled “Come on. It’s late.”

Chloe toed off her shoes and slipped under the covers just like she used to. “Night, Chlo.”

“Night, Lois.”


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