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Community Rules

To make sure this community runs smoothly and is an enjoyable place, we have established some rules:

1. All posts and comments on this community must be positive and respectful towards all characters mentioned or featured within them.

2. In the interests of respecting the roles of Chloe and Lois within the show, we will not be allowing anything to do with the Chlois theory, as it is a controversial issue and can be seen as disrespecting Lois’s position on the show.

3. During the Love Week, posts and comments should be primarily aimed towards celebrating or examining the relationship between the girls, not celebrating other pairings or one of the girls on her own

4. If you see any content, whether in a post or a comment, during the Love Week or Love Fest, that you feels does not meet the spirit intended behind the 'be positive and respectful towards all characters' rule and neither mod has addressed it publicly, please refrain from engaging with the poster and leave a comment on this post.

5. All comments are screened on this post and one of the mods will contact you via PM or email (if you leave a contact address in your first comment) if it becomes necessary to further discuss your concerns about any borderline anti-character behavior.

6. This community is for the Chlo-Lo Love Week and Love Fest. Which means there are particular guidelines. What this isn't is a place to crosspost just any fics/art/events/etc. During the Love Week, anything posted be have to do with the Chloe-Lois relationship and while the Love Fest is in progress, you must claim a prompt and then submit fanworks with that theme.

7. Please keep embedded videos and any artwork larger than 300x300 under a cut. This also applies to fanmix coverart - please only include a thumbnail of one cover less than 300x300 outside of a cut, or two covers whose combined pixels do not exceed 300x300 (eg. thumbnails of a front and back cover each 150x150 is acceptable) - and icons, please do not place more than 3 outside of a cut.

8. Any fic over 100 words needs to be under a cut as well. A standard header is required, which looks something like this:

Word Count:

9. This is a positive fandom safe space, and please remember that every character (not just Chloe and Lois, though they are the focus of events here) has a fan following whose feelings are worthy of respect in this community.

10. Finally and most importantly, be nice to each other. Sounds cheesy but the golden rule applies. Bashing of other members is unacceptable. We're all here to have fun so let's do that!

After the 'Love Week', the rules are subject to change to accommodate the Love Fest.

If you have any more concerns and/or questions, feel free to contact either of your mods or leave a comment on this post.
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